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Dior – A symbol of French fashion and luxury
Dior is one of the world’s leading fashion brands, bringing elegance and disruption to the fashion industry. This brand was founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior in Paris, France. Since its debut, Dior has become a symbol of classic French elegance and beauty.

History of formation and development
Christian Dior created a breakthrough “New Look” style in the fashion field with outfits with wide skirts and fine shoulders, creating Dior’s signature femininity and elegance. From the launch of its first collection until now, Dior has always continued to inspire and create new trends in the fashion industry.

Fashion icon – Lady Dior bag
Lady Dior bag is one of the famous and iconic products of the brand. First launched in 1995, the Lady Dior bag is named in honor of Princess Diana of Wales, who became the first famous user of the bag. With luxurious design, high-quality materials and especially signature cannage motifs, Lady Dior bags show the sophistication and elegance of the user.

Diversity of products and fashion lines
Dior is not only famous for handbags but also for many other diverse fashion lines such as dresses, coats, shoes, makeup and other accessories. This brand always brings creativity and innovation in every design, from high-class outfits to dynamic products and everyday fashion.

Global influence and stature
Dior has become an icon and global stature in the field of fashion. Dior products always appear in fashion events, in movies and are loved by many stars, famous artists and even ordinary people.

Dior’s mission and values
Dior’s mission is to celebrate women’s beauty and make them confident and stand out on every occasion. The brand is committed to quality and sophistication in each product, while bringing creativity and a distinctive French aesthetic.

Dior is a famous fashion brand with elegance, classic style and sophistication. With a mission to honor the beauty of women and French aesthetic values, Dior has been and continues to make success stories and become a fashion icon in the hearts of global fans.